Make a Payment for SW&S Pet Care Services

We require payment in full before we will begin pet care services. You can pay for SW&S services online using this page. We appreciate it if payments are made at the end of your free consultation. Or you can leave a good old-fashioned paper check waiting for us on our first visit. Instructions for both methods are included below.

Paying for Pet Sitting Services Online

1) Locate your current SW&S invoice (provided during your consultation).

2) Click the "Pay Now" button in the sidebar to the right in the online payment section of this page.You will be redirected to a Paypal payment screen.

3) Enter the amount due on your invoice in the "Item price" box on the left of the screen. Click "Update."

4) If you have a Paypal account, login to your account and follow the onscreen instructions for making a payment.

5) If you DO NOT have a Paypal account, click on "Don't have a Paypal account?" Follow the onscreen instructions to pay with any major credit card.

Paying for Pet Sitting Services by Check

Please make all checks payable to Shake, Waggle, & Stroll.

*Note: Late payments and bounced checks will result in additional fees, termination of services, and/or action by a collections agent.

If you have any questions or need help making a payment, please don't hesitate to contact us. We believe in great customer service (that means for pets AND their owners), and we would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions.

Thank you for your business. And most of all, thank you for letting us care for your pets!